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Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is a patent-pending trading assistant technology created to protect your assets and profit from market volatility.


Introducing CurPay’s Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)®

We have developed our patent-pending AVP® technology which allows you to take advantage of volatility while limiting your downside risk.

CurPayTrader and AVP® 1) Noncustodial (you control your funds), and 2)Can monitor the markets at all times and execute disciplined AVP® trades that keep you in the market and lets you earn from short-term volatility.

Whether you're a trader, payment gateway provider, merchant, or portfolio manager, CurPay provides users more Control, Automation, and Protection on your Crypto assets.

AVP® securely connects to your exchange with a no-hassle setup that has you protected in minutes. Using 22 Signals and 30 settings offers you many different money management strategies.


Trader Solo


  • Recommended for Traders wanting to get started with auto-trading
  • 1 Trading pair
  • Access to basic settings
  • Limited access to Global Actions
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Trader Basic


  • Recommended for Traders wanting to get started with auto-trading
  • 5 Trading pairs
  • Access to basic settings
  • Limited access to Global Actions
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Trader Pro


  • Recommended for users with trading knowledge
  • 10 Trading pairs
  • Recommended capital greater than 5k
  • Access to many Global Actions
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VIP Trader


  • Dedicated CurPay Account Coordinator
  • Personalized on-boarding
  • Recommended capital greater than 100k
  • Access to all Global Actions



  • Recommended for user wanting to use AI trading Signals
  • Alerts on 10 coins
  • Access to CurPay client
  • Delivered to your Telegram
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Automated Volatility Protection® vs BOTs

Learning Ability

Humans with more experience have better results, AVP builds experience by learning from mistakes and improves its ability to trade eliminating successive losses

Bots are unable to distinguish a set of successive losses from a "bad trade" which can lead to more lost trades and greater losses.

Handles massive data quickly

AVP handles huge amounts of data and makes complex calculations very quickly; it utilizes reactive machine and limited memory types of AI to perform specific tasks using historical and live market data.

Bots due to being programmed with strict parameters, are unable to handle large amounts of Market Data effectively.

Trades without emotion

AVP adapts like a human trader but AVP trades without the Investor Psychology Cycle that humans ultimately succumb to.

Bots can’t buy on intuition like humans can. Bots buy based on preprogrammed technical indicators. If a bot's indicators trigger, it will execute a buy or sell blindly.

Effective during High Volatility

AVP is amazingly effective during high volatility periods and is built to learn and to avoid the issues commonly associated with a bot.

Bots are ineffective when market analysis goes beyond the rules that are programmed into them.

Trading Strategies

AVP implements a wide variety of trading strategies, including technical and fundamental analysis which allows it to constantly learn and produce greater results.

Bots are based on a fixed set of algorithms or just simple rules, their success often hinges on its creator, and their understanding of how the crypto trading world works.

Correction Protection

AVP is on guard 24/7 adapting to current market conditions and protecting your assets from market corrections.

Bots are unable to make adaptive changes based on market conditions without having to be reprogramed thus leaving you vulnerable to corrections

AVP Signals


With a paid CurPay Signals 10pk subscription you get up-to-the-minute trading data from the leading exchanges for the hottest trading pairs on the market delivered right to your phone.

The CurPay PAID Signals consist of the hottest assets in the market! ETH/USD, BTC/USD, XRP/USD, SOL/USD, DOGE/USD, ADA/USD, LTC/USD, DASH/USD, LINK/USD, ZEC/USD

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Supported Exchanges

CurPay CoinbaseCurPay KrakenCurPay GeminiCurPay KuCoin
CurPay CoinbaseCurPay KrakenCurPay ExchangesCurPay GeminiCurPay KuCoin

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