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What are the Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency Trading

As Tax laws differ from Country, Region, and or State CurPay suggests you consult a local Tax Attorney with knowledge in the Cryptocurrency sector.

How do I get started?

First, you'll need an account on a crypto exchange. Currently, we are working with Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Gemini and Bitso. Once you have the exchange account you are ready to add the API keys to your Settings Page. There are step-by-step instructions located in our Help Section.

Can I trade on multiple exchanges at once with Curpay?

Yes but it would require multiple subscriptions. Email addresses and usernames would still need to be unique.

Is CurPay worldwide? In example does using an exchange like Coinbase Pro and Kraken accept countries like Curaçao, Hawaii, Bonaire, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico etc

CurPay is world wide. You can use CurPay from anywhere that you have internet. Please check with your exchange to see what countries they accept. CurPay is working hard to add more exchanges as fast as we can.

How do I fund my CurPay Account?

The easiest way to fund CurPay is having Fiat or Assets in a crypto exchange. Once you purchase a Cryptocurrency coin and connect CurPay to your exchange the AI automatically adjusts balances within the system.

Does CurPay trade on the weekends?

CurPay AI and AVP are on duty 24/7 protecting your assets. Once you set the easy-to-use parameters of your Trading pair, AVP handles the rest no matter what day of the week it is.

How old do I have to be to use the service?

We require all CurPay users to be over the age of 18

Do I have to pay taxes on money that I earn using CurPay?

Please consult your personal Tax representative as Crypto laws are different by Country and sometimes even City and or Province. CurPay offers no tax consulting

What forms of payment does CurPay accept for my subscription?

Currently, CurPay accepts Paypal.

Can I advertise for Curpay?

CurPay gladly welcomes Affiliates.

If you are interested in becoming and affiliate please Contact Us or visit the Affiliate Page

As a new user where would I see how to pay and select a subscription?

Once you established your account, there are Upgrade Buttons located throughout the website. Click any of those Upgrade Buttons to see our available plans.

You can also check your Account Page for the latest upgrades available.

My Exchange shows that my API Keys are Invalid, what should I do?

Please visit your Setting Page to check that your keys are correct and click the Save button. After clicking the Save button the system will attempt to re-establish the connection with your Exchange.


How do I change and or recover my password?

Change Password: Go to your Account Page then click on the details link next to your account. This will bring up your account. If you are authorized to change your password and other information you will be presented with enabled edit boxes and a save button.

Recover Password: On the login page, you will see a link labeled Forgot Password. Click that link then follows the directions on the page. You will need to know the email that is associated with your account.

If you have issues with this process, please Contact Us.

I read "No Balances to show. Try adding some coinage to your exchange" what does this mean?

For CurPay AI to work, you must have funds in your Exchange account. If no balances are showing then visit your exchange and add funds.

“Trader Details” are these my own details? I thought I would get a list of traders to pick from?

Yes these are your personal details. These would be entered for Compliance and Billing purposes.

CurPay does not base any trade decisions on other traders. Every time you set a trading pair active it births a new AI specifically for you and that trading pair.

Will I receive a reminder to pay for my subscription?

CurPay uses PayPal subscriptions which are set to automatically bill monthly. This eliminates emails being lost in the shuffle. You are free to cancel this subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription you can login to your PayPal account and cancel from there or Contact Us and let us know and we will cancel your subscription for you.


My Trading Pair trades look off?

When resetting a trading pair initiates the ACVP to review all unsold buys at the time of the reset would be grouped into a whole. This can account for having more of a from balance than your current un-sold buys.

When I look at my balance chart, I see some spikes that don't seem normal to me.

the spikes and drops that you will see. You have 10 BTC worth 650000 so that is your balance. You sell 1 BTC but Kraken doesnt report your trade right away so you still show 10 BTC but your FIAT balance goes up by 65000. This means that the overall balance goes up. This rarely happens but is possible when there is a long delay in reporting trades at the exchange

I added a trading pair - as simulated - a few days ago but it looks like it isn’t gathering any data for it. Curious why?

MANA was not an active trading pair for Kraken on CurPay. Much like we have clients select trading pairs, set to sim then active, we CurPay also have to tell the AI which of the coins per Exchange its allowed access to trade.

Reading CurPay Signals

LINK/USD Sell Signal @ $15.14 // explain this pls This indicates the price of when the CurPay AI felt was a prime time to sell the asset Short Term Bear Market MACD CrossOver Price Increasing (0.07%) // explain this pls This indicates the price was just a marker to let you the client know that the price is gradually increasing Max Target Re-entry Price: $14.771341 // explain this pls This indicates the price of when the CurPay AI feels was a prime time to rebuy back into the asset Volume: 1,158,810 // explain this pls This indicates the trade volume at the time the CurPay AI Signal was sent.

I am not getting the email notifications for my trading pairs of coins whenever it buys and sells. Only a few notifications arrive and some don't even come at all.

Emails are sent out for all coin trades as long as the proper information has been provided by the exchange at the time of the trade. There are times when the Exchange does not execute the trade immediately so the email is not sent. Emails are provided for information only and should not be used for any accounting or Audit purposes.

I want to add more to my exchange wallet for CurPay to trade. What coins should I add?

The best way to add more to your exchange wallet is to just add FIAT or whatever your most common "To Asset" may be. This will allow the AI to buy into your trading pairs when market conditions are right.

What are "short term, medium term, long term" settings above the graph?

These are timeline settings that allow your Trading Graph to represent the balance of your account. The length of time is determined by the frequency of the rate changes for the specific Trading Pair

Why can’t I set a specific Trading Pair to Trading Active?

There are two reasons why you cannot set a Trading Pair to Trading Active.

  • There is an issue with your subscription, in which case you will be notified in the header section of the site that it needs to be fixed.
  • You do not have rights to change the settings for the user that you are logged in to

If you do not see a notification on the site then check that your User Account has the proper privileges to make changes to a Trading Pair’s settings. If you need additional support Contact Us

I want to control my Trades more, but the site will not allow me to edit some settings, how can I enable editing of those settings?

Some Settings are restricted to Trader Pro and Trader Elite accounts.

If you have a Trader Pro or Trader Elite account but still are unable to make changes, please Contact Us and inquire about upgrading your account to allow full control of your trading pairs.

How do I stop a Trading Pair from trading?

There are several ways to stop a Trading Pair from trading.

The 2 most direct ways are:

  • Uncheck the Trading Pair’s Trading Active check box and save.
  • Check the Trading Pair’s Simulate Trade Only check box and save.

I added coins to my exchange and I only want CurPay’s AVP to sell it to a FIAT at the best price. How should I do that?

To sell your currency at the best possible price set the Trading Pair’s Money Management Strategy to Sell Only.

Be sure to Set the Min Gain (%) to the amount that you want to make. The higher the Last Trade Price is set the longer it may take for the AI to decide on a Sell Trade. Therefore, clicking the Reset Trading Pair button will reset all values to current market amounts.

I do not know anything about trading, and I am worried about making a mistake in the settings. How would I set up a trading pair so that it is protected but making money and I do not have to babysit it?

When you add a trading pair to your account the default settings are set to be conservative but will still Buy and Sell when the market is perfect for a trade. Any fine-tuning of the trading pair settings are optional and will only change your Trading Pair’s AVP closer to or farther away from conservative protection.

I am a HODL’r so I never want AVP to sell off my crypto regardless of any price drop. How do I make sure that will happen?

Setting the Max Loss Amount (%) to 0 will ensure that regardless of how far the Trading Pair's price drops the system will never sell.

You can also set the Min Base Hold to an amount you want to HODL or even save up to. Whatever amount you put in that setting, the AI will never touch.

Does the cryptocurrency market have to be going up or down for Curpay AI to function?

Crypto is highly volatile and prices going "up and down" is a good thing. Volatility creates trading opportunities to make trades and earn profits, this is what AVP was designed for.

However CurPay does not need the market to go up or down. The market can be stable and the AI will do nothing. But if the market does go up or down for whatever reason the AI will kick in and handle everything for you. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

How do I determine how much crypto to trade?

This is a personal evaluation if you are comfortable we offer you an easy-to-use CurPay Trading Pairs section, you can set various parameters to instruct the AI how you would like to proceed in a trading situation. Each trading pair can be different based on your trading trajectory.

Any asset that you do not want to trade, be sure that you have the trading pair's Min Base Hold set so that the AI will not touch that amount.

How many trades can I expect?

The number of trades is dictated by many variables. Starting with the number of assets you hold, the volatility of the market, and your trading trajectory. More conservative profiles might have fewer trades, whereas an aggressive strategy might have many a day in the same trading pair.

The section at “Other Trading Pair Settings” on the trader help page scares me, it is too technical and I do not understand anything, I am not a trader and I do not know what digits to put where, is there not a button like a safe mode settings button with automatic settings, that I can click and the trading starts?

If you go to Global Actions there is an option to Update All Asset's Settings. In the Preset Settings there is a drop down; select the Safe Mode option and click the Update All Assets. This will set all your trading pairs to settings that are on the safer side of the trading spectrum.

My neighbor advised me to buy vechain, doge and BNB how do I know if I can trade that with CurPay?

Please check with your Exchange. Any Trading pair that your exchange offers CurPay offers as well. If for any reason your do not see the Trading Pair of your choice Contact Us.

Is there a way I can see these trading pairs before signing up or activating the account?

Please check with your Exchange. Any Trading pair that your exchange offers CurPay offers as well. If for any reason your do not see the Trading Pair of your choice Contact Us.

The Trade Summary Report shows that I lost money. How is that possible?

If the price of a trading pair hits your Max Loss Limit and the AI determines that the price will fall even farther then it will sell your coin up to the amount that is not specified in your Min Base Hold. This will show as a loss in your Trade Summary. This is the prime directive of CurPay AVP AI. When the prices stops dropping the AI will start buying back in at the lower price and you will end up with more of your assets. If you have multiple trading pairs with the same "To Asset" the AI will also use those "To Assets" to trade in your other trading pairs. While you may not see the gain in your overall balances immediately, you end up with more coinage then before the price drop.

CurPay does not use the appreciation of an asset for any of it's reports. This means that if a trading pair doubles in value we do not make claims on that gain. CurPay only shows profits when the AI makes a sell and those profits are based on the amount of buys to the specific sell.

Why would the AI buy in excess of my MAX BASE HOLD?

CurPay AI will buy until the MaxBaseHold is reached.

In certain cases, it will exceed the MaxBaseHold for one buy trade if the Base Currency is lower than the MaxBaseHold Setting and the AI has a strong indication that the market has reached a low.


If you set a stop loss and that stop loss is triggered, does it disappear from the configuration in your pair setup?

Yes. This is in place to protect against multiple stop losses happening. In the event of a Stop Loss happening, but then the AI buys back in, if we did hit the stop loss it would or could possibly sell again. So we set it to 0 if your stop loss value is reached.

Do I need to use a VPN with CurPay?

No. But we highly advise that you always use a VPN not just with CurPay but whenever you are online to help protect you.

After signing up, I don’t know where to go or what to do. How do I connect my exchange to Curpay?

1st step is to read through the Help Section

Next go to your Settings Page where you enter your Exchange API settings. Please follow the steps on that page to connect your exchange.

If at anytime you need help please Contact Us

Will I get an affiliate link?

When becoming part of the CurPay Affiliate Network we supply you with a dedicated link. This link will allow you to drive traffic and have all persons arriving at CurPay to be tagged to you. When the clients sign up with CurPay you will be offered a commission. Contact [support email] for more details.

Money Management Strategy (MMS)

Buy/Sell - The system will either perform a Buy or Sell of the base Currency equal to the total amount of the wallet's balance while observing all the Trading Pair's settings.

Buy/Buy/Sell All - The system will make Buy trades in increments based on the trading pair's settings and market confidence. When CurPay's AVP determines the most profit can be taken it will make a Sell trade in the amount it determines is best. CurPay's AVP decides if the Sell trade should be all the Base Currency or a smaller amount depending on market confidence.

Buy All/Sell All - The system will either perform a Buy or Sell of whole Base Currency equal to the total amount of the wallet's balance. This overrides any Trading Pair setting that is specifically for Buys and Sell such as Percent Holding Transaction Amount or Fixed Based Currency Transaction Amount.

Buy Only - The system will only make Buy Trades of the Base Currency equal to the total amount of the wallet's balance while observing all the Trading Pair's settings.

Sell Only - The system will only make Sell Trades of the Base Currency equal to the total amount of the wallet's balance while observing all the Trading Pair's settings.

Protect Only - The system will not make any trades unless certain criteria are met in which will cause the CurPay's AVP to move all Currencies immediately to the user's FIAT of choice. For example, Max Loss Amount (%) is set to 5, a 5% drop in price happens at 3:03am, CurPay's AVP will trade the Currency instantaneously into FIAT.

Allow Re-Buys - Tells the system that it can re-buy even if the MMS is set to a single buy strategy.

Allow Re-Sells - Tells the system that it can re-sell even if the MMS is set to a single sell strategy.


When I click on upgrade I only get the option for trader Elite, What if I want to downgrade, is that not possible?

Absolutely, Just Contact Us.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Currently CurPay uses Paypal or crypto for all subscriptions. If you are eligible for a subscription upgrade you will see an upgrade button on your Account Page

If you would like to pay for your subscription with crypto please Contact Us

How long is my subscription for?

Your CurPay subscription is for life. Once you choose a subscription and pay the monthly fee, your account will be active until you choose to cancel.

To cancel your subscription you can login to your PayPal account and cancel from there or Contact Us and let us know and we will cancel your subscription for you.

Can I pay for my subscription with Crypto?

Yes, we accept most cryptocurrencies. Please contact us for details. Contact Us